100 Yelp Reviews on the Wall

March 21, 2012

Some people get excited over round-the-world trips, mega fancy dinners at the city's most expensive spots, or meeting rockstar celebrities. I'm that psyched that Lockbusters just hit 100 Yelp reviews. So psyched, that when I found out I let out a scream and fist-pumped in the middle of Hell’s Kitchen.

As of today, March 22, 2012, we have 100 reviews: 98 are five star and 2 four star. The Lockbusters team has worked hard to earn all those stars, recommendations, and consistently positive feedback. We're so grateful for everyone who took the time to post or to mention us to a friend!

We appreciate and read every review we receive. I've said it before, including one time on stage with Mayor Bloomberg: Yelp put me on the MAP!

To celebrate the company earning 100 unanimously positive reviews, here are some of my favorites reviews over the past few years (but really, I LOVE them all).

“…So that, in summary, is why I'm repeating Lockbusters' number to myself until I can dial it in a coma. But you know what? Even if I do end up with another locksmith next time, I'm so empowered now since Jay educated me - instead of trying to intimidate and confuse - that I won't get completely screwed over ever again. How heartwarming isn't THAT? I could have cried when they left.”
— Zuzu Z., 12/21/2009

This is my favorite part of the job – educating and empowering you (not making you cry).

“Don't pay any attention to any of these reviews. They are all glowing, and none of them quite captures just how amazing the service was from this locksmith. Jay is the f'ing man. I live in Long Island City, he drove to me within 30 minutes of calling at 11pm on a Wednesday night. It took him 7 minutes flat to get my bathroom door open.”
— Jay R., 2/24/10

When another dude named Jay I just met gives me public kudos for being “the f’ing man,” I feel like I’ve done something right.

“Anywho, gentlemen comes, professional looking, not scary and extremely friendly.”
— Brian W., 5/2/11

Gentlemen? Professional looking? Not scary? I must have been having a good hair day.

…not none of us minded one bit that a stranger had crashed our late-night house party and was making loud mechanical noises in the entranceway. One friend kept marveling at his muscular arms and even my lesbian friend was still swooning over him into the next day.”
— Susan T., 10/11/10

Yup. That was a fun night.

“If you are not chronically absent-minded like I am, I would highly recommend that you deliberately lock yourself out and dial Lockbusters for help, in order to experience what I am talking about.”
— Srini V., 11/30/11

What can I say. My mother taught me manners.

Thanks, Yelpers, and all of our supporters – you have my utmost gratitude!

Jay Sofer, Owner

— The Lockbusters Team

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