The 3 Best Ways to Secure Your French Doors

July 12, 2017

French doors can make a beautiful addition to your home — they bring in lots of natural light and add a touch of sophistication. However, with glass panels and a weak point in the divide between the doors, they’re often targeted as a point of entry for intruders.

Luckily, we’ve got a few options for you to choose from to secure your French doors and prevent unwanted guests from entering your home.

1. Lock Your Door

Although this may seem obvious, many people leave their French doors unlocked during the day. Make it a habit to lock ALL your doors, including French doors that open to a sunroom or balcony, to prevent any unwanted visitors from gaining entry to your home. Most home invasions occur without any forced entry at all, simply because the door was unlocked — so avoid becoming an easy target by securing all possible points of entry.

2. Avoid Double Cylinder Locks

Overall, a single cylinder lock is easier to install and to lock or unlock. While a double cylinder lock makes it more difficult for intruders to break in, I strongly discourage you from purchasing one of these double-sided locks. Because this type of lock must also be unlocked from the inside with a key, it poses a significant fire hazard and a threat to your safety should there be an emergency. Instead, I suggest investing in safety tape for glass; my recommendation is this tape from 3M.

3. Invest in Thick Doors or Windows

Most owners of French doors worry about intruders breaking through the glass and accessing their home that way, but investing in hurricane-rated glass eliminates that possibility. Hurricane-rated glass panes are virtually indestructible, even with a hammer. No intruder, no matter how determined, will be able to break these panes.

Additionally, most French doors have a wooden frame, but using a steel frame or reinforcing the wooden frame with steel can make it sturdier and more difficult to break through.

— The Lockbusters Team

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