Break-Ups Can Lead to Break-Ins: The Crazy Ex Lock

May 29, 2014

Last week we heard about the most popular lock at Lockbusters, the top-selling Jimmy Proof Grade 1 Deadbolt. And even though Jay recommends it as his go-to lock, his heart truly belongs to Mul-T-Lock or Medeco Tubular Deadbolt, nicknamed by Jay as The Crazy Ex-Husband Lock.

Jay’s marketing team at network9 sat down with him and found out just why he gave the lock this moniker. You’ve probably figured this one out… but it was for a (you guessed it) crazy ex-husband.

N9: So your favorite lock? That’s saying something.

JAY: Well, first of all, I’ve seen this lock tested, really tested. I’m not going to bore you with all its anti-theft features, but it’s pick, drill, and crowbar resistant, just to name a few. And I’ve seen these features tested in action.

N9: From a crazy ex-husband?

JAY: Exactly. A client’s ex-husband had all the time in the world to bust through a door, and he did NOT get in, and it was because of this lock.

N9: What do you mean he had all the time in the world?

JAY: My client was living in this unusual building— 2 loft apartments above a warehouse, and the other loft was unoccupied. So no one could hear this guy going at it and then call for help… except her. She was hesitant to call the cops (though she should have) because she didn’t want her kid’s dad thrown in jail.

N9: So he tried everything?

JAY: Everything! For 45 minutes. He didn’t get in. By the time the cops finally did come, the door itself was almost completely obliterated. The guy was really motivated. The lock held and he never got in. I always feel so good about installing this lock for someone. With this lock, somebody is definitely going to stay on the other side of that door.

N9: What makes this lock so great?

JAY: The structure, the design and how it’s installed. It’s got all the anti-theft features and the bolt is just so damn strong. It locks into the entire structure of the doorframe. I often install these on warehouses, art galleries, storage units, and businesses that keep a lot of expensive equipment on the premises...which tells you something.

I think we’ve all heard a story or two about jealous, rejected, or just plain angry exes. The Mul-T-Lock or Medeco Tubular Deadbolt is also the perfect choice if you have a whacked out ex-WIFE. Don’t count our sisters out when it comes to getting in to where they want to go. You’ve probably heard the danger of a “woman scorned.” “Hell hath no fury”…but at least it will be on the other side of your locked door.

— The Lockbusters Team

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