DON’T Mind Your Own Business! NYC’s new campaign

May 15, 2012

The city’s new campaign is about a different kind of safety in the home than what Lockbusters offers. It’s about combating domestic violence, a danger that comes from inside your door. The idea is that if you know someone being pushed around, report it instead of looking the other way. Info on the NYC Domestic Violence hotline here.

I've noticed that Lockbusters’ customers looking to change locks or add deadbolts tend to skew female. Your guess as to why is as good as mine, but it may be that women are generally more concerned about their safety or feel more vulnerable. (Or maybe they’re just smarter.)

Whatever the case may be, all of us, and especially women, should have some training in self-defense against violence inside and outside the home. Fun fact about me: I train in Jiu jitsu at CrossFit 718. There are tons of resources in the city for those looking to learn how to defend themselves. Even if you think of yourself as small or weak, you can learn the skills you need to put off a potential attacker.

There’s a great New York nonprofit called Hollaback! whose mission is to end street harassment. They map incidents, conduct workshops, and work to get politicians involved. Read their summary of self-defense resources in New York.

You can find classes that teach you how to kill the “freeze response” some people feel when their adrenaline spikes, practice against a padded male “attacker” (good for those with some pent-up aggression to work out!), and find other approaches that involve cardio and strength training. I highly recommend the Renzo Gracie Academy near Penn Station, and they offer a free intro class.

Here are some other places offering workshops and courses that have great Yelp reviews:

Stay safe, and please take care of yourself!

Jay Sofer
Lockbusters owner

— The Lockbusters Team

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