East Village NYC Locksmith or Everywhere?

March 8, 2012

A question Lockbusters is asked a lot: Are we an East Village locksmith or a mobile locksmithing service?

The answer is, both! We're currently a mobile operation serving neighborhoods in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, and we make every effort to get to where you are as quickly as possible.

We're strongly associated with the East Village because that's where I, the owner of Lockbusters, got my start with this growing business. I live in Park Slope now, but in some ways my heart will always be in the East Village!

Like so many young people who arrive in the East Village or the Lower East Side with a suitcase and a cruddy mattress, it wasn't easy at first. There was a time when I shared a tiny, dirty little studio on E 9th St. with two other dudes. Let's just say that there weren't too many secrets among us on a Saturday night, and that I woke up to some interesting scenes more than once.

To me, the East Village represents beginnings. I wanted to start my own business -- as much out of personal fulfillment as straight up need -- and here was where the hard work began. I know lots of others who scraped by, worked hard (and partied hard) in the East Village to get to the new and better places they are today.

As an affordable service, it was then and still is today my pleasure to ensure that when money's tight, a middle of the night lockout or changing the locks isn't one more place where East Village dwellers have to worry about getting ripped off. Save your money for the good times!

Because let's not forget that the East Village and the Lower East Side are, well, just really exciting neighborhoods. With more bars, ethnic restaurants, underground hangouts, and interesting young people on ANY night of the week than anywhere else I know, it's the perfect backdrop for starting out.

As always, thanks to everyone for their support, back in the beginning and today!

Your East Village locksmith (and mobile, too!)

— The Lockbusters Team

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