Fire Escapes: A safe exit for you, a welcome mat for thieves

April 9, 2012

Of all the work I do as a Locksmith in NYC, nothing bums me out like the post-burglary job. When I show up on a call following a break-in, the client is often distraught and feeling violated, with a sense of no physical security. Sometimes the cops are still there, and recently, one of the men in blue told me that the crook had entered (predictably) via the window over the fire escape. “Fire escapes,” he said, “are exits for endangered residents – and wide open entrances for perpetrators.”

Regardless of what you use your fire escape for – herb garden, mini terrace, cigarette breaks, or a convenient place to stash a forbidden lover when your spouse comes home early (kidding!) – it is so, so important that it isn’t penetrable. G-d forbid you are ever affected by the type of scum that will break his way into your space, your own home. But rather than take the risk of letting that happen, Lockbusters strongly recommends installing fire escape gates over windows easily accessed by fire escapes.

Easy to exit via an indoor, keyless latch, a quality fire escape isn’t penetrable from the outside without the use of tremendous force that would deter a wannabe thief from attempting the crime. We encourage window gate installation on all easily accessible fire escape windows, but it’s especially important for windows that face the backs of buildings, dark alleyways, or are obscured.

Of course, having bars on your window isn’t exactly the latest craze in home decor. Being “behind bars” can make you feel like you live in a “bad” neighborhood and be gloomy looking. Fortunately, rather than having thick vertical bars, there are some nice looking designs available instead! Check out this “sunburst” style fire escape gate, and consider adding a little flair to your home security. :)

— The Lockbusters Team

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