Home Surveillance 101: 5 Tips to Keep Unwanted Visitors Out

September 27, 2017

Keeping your home safe from intruders is about more than just locks and bolts — you have to make sure your home surveillance game is on point, too.

Contrary to popular belief, though, you actually don’t need to shell out the big bucks for a fancy alarm system or sophisticated security cameras. These 5 cost-effective tips will deter robbers from even testing your front door lock.

1. Install Dummy Cameras

Installing cameras outside of your home gives the illusion that anyone breaking into your home will be recorded, and no intruder wants that! If you don’t want to splurge on the real deal, you can buy fake security cameras for under $10. This is an inexpensive and effective way to maintain home security.

2. Put a Generic Security Sticker on Your Door

Putting a generic security sticker on your door is actually more effective than using a branded one. If intruders know what kind of security system you’re using, it’ll be easier for them to figure out how to disable it. Even if you don’t have a security system actually installed, the sticker or sign will prevent intruders from targeting your home.

3. Use a Wooden Dowel on Sliding Doors or Windows

If your home has sliding doors or windows, cut a piece of wood or use a wooden dowel that fits into the track. This creates a physical barrier against someone prying the door or window open, even if they manage to get it unlocked.

4. Don’t Mention Your Travel Plans Online

We totally get it: you’re super stoked for your luxurious vacation, and you want everyone to know about it. But don’t publish that information online! Many thieves scope out potential targets ahead of time, so if they see that you’re going to be out of town, you’ve just given them the perfect dates to stake out your home. Even if you think you can trust your network on Facebook or Instagram, you never know whose prying eyes are landing on your posts — better safe than sorry!

5. Install Lights on a Timer

This is a simple and effective tactic, both for indoor and outdoor lighting. Motion sensing exterior lights are also a great way to scare off potential intruders. If you live in an apartment, interior lights that you can turn on and off from your phone give the illusion that you’re home, even if you’re not.

These tips might not involve fancy locks or cameras, but we guarantee they’ll help you sleep easier at night.

— The Lockbusters Team

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