How Pick-Resistant Cylinders Stop Burglars in Their Tracks

January 3, 2018

As methods of breaking and entering such as key bumping become more and more prevalent, many New Yorkers are understandably worried that their current locks might not keep intruders out. Fortunately, even the most dogged thieves can be stopped with the right equipment.

Whether you’re looking to secure an apartment in a dangerous neighborhood or simply replace the locks in your new place, we offer an array of pick-resistant cylinders that will make any home nearly impenetrable. But just how do these security measures work?

Pinning It Down

While the actual process of picking a lock depends on a given lock’s design, the ultimate goal is always to open it with something that imitates the actual key as closely as possible. In a standard pin tumbler lock, the key pushes a set of paired pins upward until the driver and key pins reach the shear line (the space between the housing and the plug). The housing encases the springs that hold the pins in place, while the plug contains the cylinder into which the key is inserted. As soon as the bottom of each driver pin meets the top of each key pin at the shear line, the plug can be turned and the lock opened.

Filling the Gap

Since a plug can be turned once the spaces between the pins align with the shear line, a lockpicker can penetrate your lock by simply pushing these pins in place. As a result, a skilled lockpicker can break a lock with little more than a handful of bobby pins. A pick-resistant lock addresses this shortcoming by including additional tumblers, effectively forcing pickers to break through multiple locks.

Some of our most popular locks feature these pick-resistant cylinders. We’re especially proud of what we like to call “the James Bond Lock”, the Multi-Lock MT5+. Cut with lasers, the MT5+ contains a series of shafts drilled to slightly different lengths, making it all the more difficult to pick or bump. Since the keys are also cut with lasers to these exacting specifications, they can’t be duplicated.

Our similarly popular Medeco cylinders offer the same level of security. Unlike the pins in a standard tumbler lock, the pins in a Medeco cylinder need to be turned themselves before they align with the shear line, forcing lockpickers to painstakingly turn each individual set of pins. Since each groove of the key needs to be set at a precise angle, bumping the lock is nearly impossible.

Your exterior lock is your primary layer of defense between your home and an intruder. If you’re looking to level up your home security game, give us a call today and rest a little easier tomorrow.

— The Lockbusters Team

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