Jay's Tips for Protecting Your Home From Key Bumping (It's Easier than Picking a Lock!)

December 20, 2017

While picking is still the most common method of breaking a lock, there have been whispers among locksmiths, concerned homeowners, and more malignant characters recently of a new kid in town: a similar technique called key bumping could leave your home vulnerable to break-ins.

After purchasing a key bumping kit advertised on a YouTube video, Jay decided to test this method himself. Much to his surprise, he found that bumping is easier than lockpicking — indeed, he now uses it as a technique to open doors without damaging the lock. Unfortunately, others might use it for more sinister purposes, making it all the more important to ensure that your home is protected.

What is Key Bumping?

Key bumping is a technique that can be used on the standard locks found in most American homes. After inserting a key specifically cut to fit a standard lock, intruders will “bump” it with a tool — often a hammer or screwdriver — jarring the key so that it jostles the lock’s internal mechanisms and unlocks your door. An experienced burglar may keep a set of 10 pre-cut keys on hand, and those 10 keys will give them access to 90% of the homes they try to break into.

The only thing that might deter a burglar from using this insanely easy method is the noise it can make — jamming a key into a lock over and over might attract some unwanted attention from nosy neighbors and passersby. In New York City, however, a bit of noise isn’t likely to raise alarm, helping intruders break in undetected.

Protect Yourself from Key Bumping

Worried that key bumping could place your home at risk? There are a few extra safety measures you can take to safeguard against this method of unlawful entry. If you’re moving into a new apartment, for example, install new, bump-resistant locks in addition to the standard lock furnished by your landlord. This provides the added benefit of preventing any previous tenants from wandering in uninvited!

If you’re looking to install new locks in your apartment or house, we have a couple of recommendations, all of which are guaranteed safeguards against key bumping. Ideal for non-doorman buildings, the Anti-Theft lock is a bump-resistant multilock or Medeco cylinder that keeps thieves from invading your space. Similarly, the Classic lock is an upgraded NYC lock that comes with a jimmy-proof deadlock. The even stronger Mom-Approved Lock has a bump-resistant cylinder, jimmy-proof deadbolt, and a protective plate, providing your home with maximum security.

If you’re worried about theft and want to change your locks ASAP, give your friendly neighborhood Lockbusters a call. We’ll give you an honest quote and make sure you feel safe in your home.

— The Lockbusters Team

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