Lockbusters meets Mayor Bloomberg at Yelp NYC headquarters opening

October 27, 2011

It was a day for the Lockbusters history book: NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg cracked a joke about Lockbusters owner, and New York City Locksmith Jay Sofer's mom. Just before that, Jay gave a warm onstage hug to the founder and CEO of the company that put him on the map.

It just so happens that this month is also Lockbusters third anniversary. Three years ago, no one knew us as any different from the hundreds of other locksmiths all over New York City. Thanks to Yelp.com, Lockbusters has since earned real differentiation from the rest, thanks to Yelp reviewers who shared their experiences online.

Yesterday, Yelp opened its East Coast headquarters in Union Square; Lockbusters was invited to speak from the experience of a small, local business owner who's experienced remarkable success via Yelp. (Read more about the event here)

We owe the real thanks to you, our customers. Thank you for inviting us into your homes and offices, for allowing us the privilege of making your space more secure. Thanks for all the feedback— in person, in online reviews, via recommendations to friends and family, or by becoming repeat customers; you tell us what we're doing right. Our third year was an amazing one, and our growth is a direct result of your caring support. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts!

Read more press on this event with Yelp and Lockbusters NYC by clicking the link (scroll to page 4).

— The Lockbusters Team

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