Locksmith in New York City: An Insider’s View

June 2, 2010

I have been working as a professional locksmith in New York City for over thirteen years. Actually, the reality is that I have been a locksmith my whole life. I grew up in my Dad’s locksmith shop in Manhattan and can honestly say I had one of the most unique childhoods. The shop was a neighborhood fixture, a family operated business that always helped out in the community. As the “shop kid” my job was mostly to clean up, and occasionally cut keys for good customers. Finally, when I was old enough to pick up a heavy tool box, I got to do outside service calls. I particularly enjoyed being welcome in people’s homes with the same trust and respect I experienced working at the shop. Apart from being charitable, my family’s shop always provided service with a smile and received business the same way.

Locksmiths are often in very unique positions; potential customers need our services for a number of reasons. Often the reasons for calling a locksmith aren’t always pleasant. Being locked out, relationship trouble, or problem with roommates are some of the extreme examples we see. Locksmiths often find themselves playing the role of psychiatrist or mediator when responding to these types of service calls. The more typical residential work we do involve move-ins, new lock installations, new deadbolts for doors, etc. Regardless of the reason to call a locksmith, every service call involves an element of trust from the customer. After all, a person is inviting a complete stranger into their home to handle the most important item they have, the keys accessing all their possessions! This brings me to the reason for starting my business, LockBusters TM.

In recent years, New York City residents trust has been betrayed by rip-off artists in the locksmith industry. Because locksmith service hasn’t been cheap, we started our business as a response to the glaring inadequacies in the profession. Hidden charges, less than up-front pricing, and outrageous rates are some of the horrible examples these rip-off artists have been getting away with, but not any longer! The LockBusters are here to provide service at guaranteed lowest prices that we proudly display on our website. Our mottos are “Never Get Ripped Off”, and “Never Overpay” for locksmith service in New York City. Our goal is to provide excellent prompt service at the most affordable price. More importantly, I want to restore the trust and fairness that was a hallmark of my father’s success and the best part of my upbringing in New York City.

In this blog I will provide the best insider’s information to customers about the locksmith industry including pricing, overcharging, locks, deadbolts, emergency service, etc. Locksmithing in New York City started off as an honest industry before it deteriorated to what we see today, we at LockBusters are very grateful for the opportunity to correct that.

What to Expect From a Locksmith

Truthfully, you should expect nothing less than professionalism from any service industry. First, demand up-front pricing on the phone before the technician actually arrives. Second, when the locksmith does arrive, review the price discussed on the phone to prevent any sudden hidden charges. Ask to see the item being offered and make sure it’s new. Its very important to ask a locksmith if the price given includes installation. Also, ask if there is a “locksmith service” added on top of the charge.

Rip-off artists thrive on a customer’s ignorance, we recommend reading our site’s glossary to familiarize you with locksmith terms. Also, check out our price list complete with flat rate prices and pictures of the different types of locks, deadbolts, etc. Locksmith pricing is important; get the best value you can from your hard earned dollar by understanding why locksmiths overcharge and how to avoid it.

— The Lockbusters Team

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