Locksmith in NYC: An Insider's View

June 30, 2019

Are you currently living in or around the New York City area and in search of a professional, reliable and friendly locksmith you can trust? Well, you’re in luck.

I’m Jay. Nice to meet you, if we haven’t already. I own Lockbusters, the best 24-hour locksmith company you’ll find in the Big Apple!

I’ve been working as a residential and commercial locksmith in NYC for over 20 years, but in reality, the craft has always been a part of my DNA. My father owned a family-operated locksmith business in Manhattan, and I grew up in his shop cleaning and cutting keys. When I was old enough to pick up a toolbox, he let me start doing outside service calls. Truthfully, it was then and there that I began to fall in love with the trade. Why? Because being a locksmith isn’t just about cutting keys or installing deadbolt locks. It’s more about lending a helping hand. It’s more about making a positive impact in your community. It’s more about mediating unpleasant situations like relationship troubles or roommate problems. And uniquely in our case, it’s even more about supporting animal rescue shelters.

For the last 11 years, Lockbusters has earned the trust of thousands of NYC residents. We’re honest, genuine, thoughtful, and never rip customers off with hidden prices unlike competitors in the industry. In addition to helping people locked out of their homes, our typical residential work includes helping home renters and buyers with move-ins, new lock installations, new deadbolt locks for doors, and more. For commercial customers, we help large companies and stores with emergency lock changes, emergency repairs, expansions and security concerns.

Lockbusters primarily serves customers in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, but we’re flexible, and will even go as far as Westchester County and North Jersey. With us, expect nothing less than professionalism and quality service for an affordable flat-rate price. Our customers are always our top priority, not their wallets. Unlike the shadesmiths out there demanding CASH ONLY, we accept all forms of payment: Venmo, credit, debit, cash, check, etc. Whatever’s most convenient for you.

We know hiring the right locksmith can be a tricky process. First off, always ask for up-front pricing before the technician arrives. And when they do arrive, review the price over the phone to prevent any additional charges. Ask these three questions over the phone before coming to an agreement.

Questions to Ask

  1. 1: Can you tell me the brand and grade of your lock?
    Sometimes, locksmiths will try to sell you cheap locks at a premium price. Always request for the exact name of the deadbolt or keyless door lock so you can research it online and ensure you’re not getting ripped off.

  2. 2: Does the final price include installation fees or a “locksmith charge”?
    An estimate your locksmith provides may not include the hourly rate to install the item, which can drive up the price. And that’s usually on purpose. Don’t let yourself fall victim to deceptive locksmith practices.

  3. 3: Are you licensed, insured and bonded?
    When hiring a locksmith, take into account that they’ll be working with some of your most prized possessions. An uncertified locksmith usually isn’t an expert at the craft, and could accidentally damage your car or home. If they’re working without insurance, they could choose to leave with you the bill, or injure themselves on the job and try to file a lawsuit.

Like what you read? Contact us today to learn more about our friendly and reliable services. We’re excited to work with you and provide the locksmith services you deserve!

— The Lockbusters Team

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