Money Saving Tips To Remember When Calling For Locksmith Service

June 2, 2010

Remember folks, locksmith service in the New York City area doesn’t have to be expensive. Follow these tips to ensure the most affordable professional service and avoid getting ripped off.

Always Ask For the Price!

There are no set prices in the locksmith industry; it’s open to whatever the locksmith feels like charging. Often, less than honest service men gauge the situation and see how much they can get away with. So whether you are locked out, just moving in, or have a repair question always ask for the rates. Be sure to ask if the price includes installation and if there is a service charge on top of everything. Demand up-front pricing over the phone and don’t forget to go over that price with the locksmith when he arrives at your door.

If You Are Locked Out, Be Descriptive.

Tell the locksmith over the phone how you locked yourself out. Remember that if you are locked out because of slamming the door accidentally behind you, the lock does not have to be drilled open! 99% of the time the locksmith can get in with NO damage. Locks can also be picked open to prevent unnecessary damage. Rip-off artists intentionally damage your locks forcing you into a position to buy new ones. “Shimming” the door open is when a locksmith slides a thin metal piece between the door and the frame retracting the latch. You’ve probably seen it done in the movies with a credit card.

Comparison Shop

Remember there are no set prices and locksmiths will compete for your business. Guarantee yourself a flat rate cheap price for your service by a professional company by shopping around. Also, you do NOT have to pay an additional “service” or “installation” charge during daytime weekday hours. Call around to compare prices for new installations, lock changes, and especially lockout service!

If the Locksmith Sounds Shady Over the Phone, They Probably Are Shady

You can tell a lot about a locksmith (or any service company) by quality of the phone conversation. If you experience less than up-front pricing, evasiveness, or hear the famous line “We have to see it first”, hang up the phone immediately. You would need to have an incredibly complex situation for a locksmith not to be able to estimate the cost over the phone. In the event of a complex situation, (or one that you cannot adequately describe over the phone), a FREE estimate can be scheduled.

Final Thoughts

In my experience, money has always felt nicer in my pocket than someone else’s. Getting a good deal from a locksmith, or any other service, is very possible and very easy if you only take a few moments to ask the right questions. Locksmith service in NYC has been known to be very expensive, but due to the recent economic situation new companies have started offering competitive affordable rates. New York City has been plagued by rip-off artist locksmiths for a long time but you can avoid overpaying by following the steps listed above. I hope all this has been helpful.

— The Lockbusters Team

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