Picky Moms Picking Locks – Say That 10x Fast

June 30, 2014

We’ve all heard that old commercial that “choosy moms choose Jif.” But when Junior grows up and moves out and into the big, bad city, picky moms pick the security. And moms love this lock, also known as the Security Pick and Bump Resistant Cylinder, Jimmy Proof Deadbolt, and Protective Plate Lock (so much easier to request the Mom Approved Lock, don't you agree?)

N9: Why did you name this the Mom Approved Lock?

JAY: Every time I see a move-in when the parents are there, especially moms who are moving in a son or daughter into their first apartment, they always want to protect their babies with the best, most imposing lock.

N9: So why are they drawn to this one?

JAY: Moms love the idea of having a plate on the door. They want the biggest scarecrow out there. You can just picture Mom with her hands on her hips, “don’t even THINK about coming in here!”  Moms always choose this lock.

N9: Do you see locks that someone has tried to break into?

JAY: All the time. I see evidence on the doors, crowbar marks from someone trying to pry the door open, drill marks, you name it.

N9: How do thieves get in through a lock?

JAY: Bumping is very easy to do and there are complete instructions on how to bump a lock  and tools (including the keys, by the way) sold online. And these things are inexpensive. Any one can learn to bump a lock pretty quickly for not a lot of money.

N9: Has it always been that way?

JAY: No. Bumping is a fairly new thing. Traditionally I was taught (as a locksmith’s apprentice) how to pick locks. And that’s what sophisticated theives do too. They have a lock pick set. They are expensive. It’s like playing a guitar— the instrument is expensive…and then you have to learn how to play it. See my blog: Wait, what the heck is a bump key?

N9: So this must have really changed things in your field.

JAY: Five years ago when bumping became thieves' entry of choice, I didn’t believe the hype about bumping at first (how easy it was), then I went online and saw videos on youtube. I bought what they were selling and it worked. That’s when I started recommending bump resistant products.

N9: And they work?

JAY: Not only does the lock work, but thieves will often just walk by a door with a top lock for an easier mark. Just having a top lock is a signal to a thief that you are not an easy target.

There are usually dozens of tenants per floor and many floors in a building. Don’t be the easy target. Keep your mom happy. Next time she calls tell her, “I’m good mom, yes, I’m getting enough sleep, eating well, and yes, I’m locking my door.” And go ahead and let your mom pick your lock, it’s a sure bet that your lock will never get picked when mom picks it. Thanks Mom.

— The Lockbusters Team

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