Real New Yorkers Have Deadbolts

May 20, 2014

Did you grow up in New York City? Then you probably remember your mom saying, “Did you deadbolt the door when you left?”

The deadbolt lock is synonymous with NYC apartment living safety. Jay installs more Jimmy Proof Grade 1 Deadbolts than any other lock, which is why he has named it “The Classic.” Jay's marketing team at Network9 sat down with with him to find out just what makes "The Classic," well... a classic.

N9: You recommend “The Classic” more than any other product. Why?

JAY: I don’t want to scare anyone, but a deadbolt can make the difference. That satisfying “click” of safety— it IS peace of mind in a NYC apartment. Having a deadbolt significantly increases your security, period. The majority of break-ins I see are when there is NOT a second lock on the door. That’s just fact.

N9: Why is a deadbolt more secure than the lock in my doorknob?

JAY: First of all, those things are sometimes like a century old, no kidding. The management company usually installed the cheapest one they could find, then never maintained it, and at this point (100 years later), EVERYONE has your key. See my blog about How Many People Have Your Key— former tenants, their exes, real estate agents (who make dozens of copies), cleaning staff, construction workers, even air bnb, etc, etc. Basically…everyone has your key.

N9: So why not just replace the doorknob lock?

JAY: Because when you put in a deadbolt, it’s your lock. You can take it with you when you move. If you need to give keys out to non-residents -- like a super, housekeeper, dog walker -- you can just give them the bottom key. That top key is your privacy. Most people think that management companies or landlords are supposed to supply you with the safest lock— a deadbolt.

In my experience, management won’t even supply you with a door, if they don’t have to.

N9: So if I move into a new place, if I’m the first tenant, I’m good, right?

JAY: No way! Often there is a rash of break-ins when people move into a new building – first tenants. I get those calls all the time, but after the break ins. My advice is when you move into any new space, change the lock and install a deadbolt right away. Don’t be caught doing it after the fact.

N9: Who wouldn’t you recommend this lock for?

JAY: Honestly, everyone is better off with a deadbolt. But, okay, if you live in a luxury, high society, air tight, doorman building with I.D. checks and surveillance cameras, you don’t need a top lock.  The rest of us definitely do.

So, like Jay, maybe you are a native New Yorker. Or maybe you're new to the city. The best advice Jay gives to newbies and old salts alike:

YOU are responsible for your own safety. And Lockbusters is here to help.

— The Lockbusters Team

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