"Shadesmiths" Featured on the Today Show

November 16, 2011

Busting locks for a living has me out late a lot of nights, so it's not too often I catch the early shows. But one of our wonderful customers alerted me to a Today Show item on Wednesday featuring a phenomenon I like to call "shadesmiths."

More often than not, when you accidentally lock yourself out (and with the exception of super high security locks), it's a relatively simple job for a licensed, honest pro to get you back in. Unfortunately, a more shady type of business has become the standard; since I started Lockbusters, my mission has been to do the exact opposite. The Today Show segment caught drill-wielding, sloppy scammers red-handed, calling themselves locksmiths and wracking up massive charges for what should have been a simple emergency home lockout.

It was a pretty ingenious set-up: the Today Show had an employee pose as the locked-out homeowner who called a series of locksmiths to request service. A reputable professional observed every interaction via hidden cameras, and many of the "locksmiths" made a big show of drilling through locks, ripping off doorknobs, and generally destructing perfectly workable, new hardware. Later, they charge insane amounts for it -- we're talking upwards of $600 and $700— and demand cash in a really sleazy, scary way. As the legit guy points out, nothing needs to be destroyed to handle this simple job.

Check out the video; though unsettling, it's worth a watch. And be sure to keep Lockbusters' number in your phone (if not, as one our reviewers suggests, tattooed on your forearm). I promise that no matter the circumstances, time of day or night, a true professional with genuine regard for your time, safety, and wallet will show up at your door. As always, our quotes are flat-rate lowest and guaranteed (and yes, we take cards).

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My favorite quote from one of the shadesmiths: "I didn't say I'm professional!"

— The Lockbusters Team

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