The Classic Peace of Mind

June 18, 2014

What makes something classic? The highest quality. Something that sets the standard. The genuine article.

The marketing team at network9 sat down with Jay recently to find out just what makes The Classic, a classic.

We can’t all live in high-rise luxury. But if you can have class without all the fluff. Jay tells us how The Classic 2.0— the Resistant Multilock or Medeco Cylinder Combined with a Jimmy-Proof Deadbolt— can help us keep our class and our peace of mind.

JAY: This is something I recommend when you live in a building without a doorman. It gives you that extra protection when you don’t have 24 hour surveillance.

N9: But non-doorman buildings usually have locks on the front entrance, right? I always have to get buzzed in.

JAY: Non-doorman buildings are tricky. Tenants are at the mercy of their management company keeping up the integrity of the hardware on those two front entrance doors and their locks. And those 2 doors have to close consistently all the time.

N9: Or they don’t work properly?

JAY: They don’t lock correctly. And those doors never consistently close at the same time. There’s wind. People holding the doors open for each other. We are just so damn courteous. We feel bad about letting the door slam in someone’s face, even if we don’t recognize them (which means they probably aren’t a resident there.)

N9: I wouldn’t want to admit I didn’t recognize my neighbor.

JAY: Exactly. There was even a Seinfeld episode about it. Jerry wouldn’t let a neighbor in who said he forgot his keys because Jerry didn’t recognize him. Turns out it got really awkward (in true Seinfeld fashion) because the guy actually was Jerry’s neighbor.

N9: So who’s coming in?

JAY: There are a bunch of delivery guys who just slam the doors in and out. There are non-residents, people throwing parties, etc… Those locks and hardware are getting lots of wear and tear.

So basically, anyone can get into a non-doorman building pretty easily.

N9: But The Classic is meant for your own front door, not the building’s front door, right?

JAY: Exactly. Which is why I’m pointing out how crap the entrance doors usually are. It’s crucial to have better safety on your own door in a non-doorman building because your building is typically not very secure.

N9: And The Classic is the right choice for this?

JAY: I usually get called after a drunk neighbor tries to get into the wrong apartment in the middle of the night and it freaks the tenants out. That’s when they get how easy it would be to get in… but not with The Classic 2.0 deadbolt.

It has a jimmy-proof deadbolt, cylinder and it’s pick resistant. So until you get that doorman, The Classic 2.0 is your peace of mind.

— The Lockbusters Team

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