The Crazy Ex Lock: Keeping You Safe From Your Not So Special Someone

April 29, 2019

We all know relationships can go south in a hurry. After breaking up with an unstable significant other, there’s no saying what they might do when trying to win you back. It could mean blowing up your phone with a novel’s worth of sappy texts or voicemails on voicemails begging for another chance.

Those aren’t exactly the best strategies to revive a relationship off life support, but hey … to each their own.

But then comes the scary part. We’ve encountered clients whose whacked-out exes actually showed up at their apartment demanding to be let in. If it wasn’t for a sturdy deadbolt lock, the breakup could’ve led to a break-in, and who knows what else. That’s why you always need a reliable NYC locksmith who knows deadbolt locks and keyless door locks like the back of his/her hand. In our experience, the Mul-T Lock or Medeco Tubular Deadbolt Lock are perfect options to keep your ex out of your apartment (and your life) for good.

One time, Jay even had to channel his inner-Ralph Macchio (s/o to all the Karate Kid fans out there) when a client’s crazy ex-husband showed up at her apartment!

“It gets a little dicey sometimes on my job,” he explains.

It went like this: Our client had Jay install a super strong deadbolt lock keep her ex-husband out of her apartment. Well, Mr. Ex-Husband showed up one day and practically destroyed the entire door, except the lock held. It was broken and non-functional anymore, but still did its job and kept him out.

Jay later came back to replace the lock when – suddenly – he heard two pairs of footsteps charging up the steps behind him.

Oh no… the ex-husband was back. And with a friend this time.

“Fire flight kicked in,” said Jay. “I slammed the door behind me, but didn’t realize the keys for the deadbolt I just put in were dangling outside the door! It turned into a cat and mouse game. I’d lock the deadbolt, and then he’d unlock it with the key. We were playing the game for a few minutes before I got super pissed off and went into full Mr. Myiagi mode.

“They were pretty big, but my Napolean complex kicked in. I got my keys back.”

Yeah, that’s right. Jay even got his keys back. Take that crazy ex-husband.

So, there you have it. Our locks are 100% crazy-ex tested to ensure safety from your not so special someone. If you’re worried about a recent breakup, contact us today to learn how we can help keep your home ex-proof! We’re here to help make your transition to the single life as smooth as possible.

— The Lockbusters Team

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