The Lockbusters Mission: Helping Furry Friends Who Need it Most

May 9, 2019

Hello New York City,

We’re Jay and Julie, and we run Lockbusters NYC.

Our mission at Lockbusters isn’t just about providing quality NYC locksmith services for our customers. And we sure do enjoy putting all the shadesmiths who try to rip you off out of business, but they aren’t our main priority, either!

Most of all, we’re extremely passionate about helping out animals in need. For the last 11 years, we’re proud to say we’ve made a difference in the lives of countless animals who were left in unfortunate situations without a home or proper care. In addition to being pet adopters ourselves, we’ve donated all Lockbusters proceeds from tips to local shelters while making tons of furry friends and ani-pals along the way. Through our new Keys to the Community initiative, $10 from each locksmith job will go directly to an animal charity of your choice!

We’re currently directly working with a Brooklyn-based shelter called Sugar Mutts in what has become an awesome partnership that began three years ago when our beloved senior dog, Bear, passed away. After Bear died, we called around to several shelters to see where we could donate some open cans of food, used water bowls, leashes, blankets and toys. But most of the shelters had restrictions on what we could and couldn’t give. When we called the people at Sugar Mutts, they were like ‘We will literally take everything’.

For us, it showed that these people definitely needed support. It’s a small shelter, and the second we walked in we knew it was the organization we wanted to support. We realize that there are certain shelters that need more support than others because they’re smaller and lesser-known. That’s why it’s been an amazing relationship ever since.

Q&A with Jay

Q: What do you love most about being able to help animals in need?
A: It’s instant gratification every time I walk into a shelter. You’re greeted by 15 dogs. I have a bag of treats and their all jumping on you. It’s the best feeling ever. You forget about all the stresses of the day. They all melt away. When I have a stressful day, I look forward to seeing my rescue cats. He’s jumping on me. He wants to be pet. He destroyed the entire apartment and was so proud of it (laughing).

Q: How have you seen the relationships formed between Lockbusters and local shelters/animals positively impacted your life?
A: It’s actually the best part of my job! The fact that I can help a small shelter in my small way, it’s just so gratifying. Nothing bad has ever come out of it. Everyone who I’ve told, every client who we’ve interacted with, they all loves the idea. it’s all just been so positive, especially in the recent reviews. I think it brings the best out in everybody. It’s nice to connect with other animal lovers and have the support.

Q: Are there any ways you could expand the charity efforts in the future?
A: That’s the best part. If I can continue to use my small stage to help promote small shelters, that’s fantastic. I’m hoping to collaborate with other small businesses to maybe one day create a big thing. That was the original idea, where other businesses could come on board and we could all start a fundraiser together and create an animal-helping ecosystem using our own client networks.

— The Lockbusters Team

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