Turn your smartphone into a virtual survival kit for New York City!

September 19, 2011

New York! The city of great conveniences and massive pain-in-the-neck annoyances, trust me I know this first hand being a New York City Locksmith. Sure, you can get pretty much anything you want or need at any time of day or night— but knowing how takes ingenuity.

Turn your smartphone in a virtual survivor's kit! Here's what you need to install and save:

iTrans App

Your guide to all of NYC transit. Find directions, timetables, the best way to walk to your destination. Works EVEN when you're not connected to a network, which is super important on the subway— one big cellular dead zone.

Yelp app

You could say New Yorkers like to give their opinion. Residents post honest reviews of everything— everything!! You can buy, experience, do, and see in this city. Location-based search can tells you the best Mexican joint, tattoo artist, flower shop... within two blocks of wherever you're standing.

Your Superintendant's Number

Put this in your phone stat if not sooner! The second your toilet overflows, uninvited furry guys visit the kitchen, or a window is stuck shut in the heat, you're gonna want that dude on the line.

Your Trusty Superhero Locksmith's Number

First off, get your place secure. You want to be the only person who's lived in your space with your exact locks and keys! Plus, we can pretty much guarantee that one night or another will end in an accidental lockout. A shady, late-night rip-off is not a New York must-have experience— so keep Lockbusters in your phone at all times.

Weather Channel app

Weather can change on a dime. Before you leave home, check the hour-by-hour forecast. Be prepared!


Rented a car and don't know where you can park it? Has your water turned brown? Strange maple syrup scent wafting in through the windows? Call 311; they almost always have the answer.

Car Service Number

Sometimes the ubiquitous yellow cab can't be found when you need one most. Case in point: you stayed out all night at a party in far-out Brooklyn. Call a car service for a sleepy ride back home at sunrise.

Number For the Corner Store That Delivers

Pretty soon, you'll grow attached to your favorite little bodega, even if they do charge you triple for T.P. Many deliver, so keep that number in your phone for those days you're just not gonna make it out of your apartment...


You will encounter many situations that you will want to pretend aren't happening but can't quite run away from.

1: Insert earbuds
2: Almost-close eyes in feigned enjoyment of music
3: Bob head accordingly

You never saw the bum sitting across from you on the subway grotesquely picking his nose and staring at it.

The App For Your Bank Account

New York has a tendency to magically delete money from your wallet without you noticing it. Keep an eye on your spending. This city's no fun when you're broke.


Shooting Angry Birds at angrier pigs may not be your thing, but download a few games that work without cellular connectivity. Sometimes that rush hour subway ride can get looong.


Tell the app whether you're a resident or a tourist, and it'll find you anything. Need absolution? It can point you to a church. Broke? Find local job listings... or look under the "free stuff" tab to find entertainment for nothing.


Did we mention NYC is expensive? That's why the gods invented daily deal coupons that grant you steep discounts for just a little effort. Organize all your vouchers and coupons with this app you'll be reminded to use them.

Relax & Rest Guided Meditations

Sensory overload! Go all zen and unfry your NYC-addled brain as deeply peaceful, assured voices convince you to settle down... and breathe.

— The Lockbusters Team

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