What Type of Lock Should I Install on My Bedroom Door?

April 18, 2018

For some, locks belong outside the home, not in it. There are, however, many good reasons to limit access to certain rooms in your house or apartment.

At Lockbusters, we’ve heard just about all of them. Some of our clients are big partiers — but they want to party with the peace of mind that their valuables are locked up and safe from rowdy guests. Others live with roommates they barely know, whether it’s because they simply keep different schedules or live in a massive shared space. Perhaps most unbelievable of all, Jay had one client who wanted to keep his cat safe during the day — from his roommate, who had tried to kidnap it. The truth is stranger than fiction!

Whatever your reason may be, that are plenty of situations in which a bedroom lock is a good idea for New York City tenants. Just take a moment to think through these important considerations before you install a lock on your door.

Decide on Your Needs

The first step towards choosing a lock is knowing your needs. Bedroom locks serve two primary purposes: they provide privacy and security. There are many different kinds of locks, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Your particular needs will help you determine the best lock for you. Parents with young children, for example, may prioritize privacy, while someone who frequently rents out a spare room for short-term rentals might focus on security.

Know Your Knob

Once you’ve established your priorities, it’s time to find a lock. The most common type of lock for a bedroom door is a knob lock (as the name implies, a knob lock is located inside a door knob). Easy to install, knob locks offer their owners some privacy, but since they can be unlocked from the outside by triggering a release with a pin or simply removing the knob altogether, they aren’t very secure.

In contrast, the much more secure deadbolt can be drilled into the door, providing a much greater level of security while ensuring complete privacy. If you’d prefer not to drill a lock into the door, you can also install a jimmy proof deadbolt. These locks, which are mounted to the surface of the door, provide the security of a deadbolt with a much simpler installation process.

Don’t Forget Design

For most locks, the only thing that matters is security. When it comes to bedroom door locks, however, design is equally important. Be sure to choose a lock that matches your personal tastes and interior design scheme. Jimmy proof deadbolts, for example, are highly secure and simple to install, but they tend to be bulky and somewhat unsightly.

It’s also important to note that functionality is a crucial component of a given lock’s design. Be sure to purchase a lock that’s compatible with your door. Some bedroom doors, for instance, may be on sliders instead of hinges, and as a result would require a specialized lock such as a hinge lock. In addition, New York City regulates the placement of certain kinds of locks, so be sure to choose a lock that’s up to code.

Of course, bedroom locks can sometime be an inconvenience. After all, there’s always a possibility that you’ll lock yourself out of your bedroom. Luckily, a skilled locksmith will be able to pick any of these locks should the need arise. Choose wisely and invest in a great lock!

— The Lockbusters Team

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