What Happens When You Are Locked Out in New York?

February 29, 2012

One of the most crucial services we offer is emergency lockout help. Because who HASN’T found himself in a classic NYC lockout situation (see: the walk of shame lockout; houseguest-fumble lockout; or even the taking-the-party-trash-out-in-your-thong lockout)?

In your panic, you just may call the number on the card or sticker slapped on your front door by some sketchy locksmith. But those shademsmiths out there will probably run you up a huge, nonsense bill, bully you and completely skeeze you out, AND take their sweet time doing it. Just like these guys caught on video.

Lockbusters is here to prove that there IS a non-scammy way to run a locksmithing business. Here’s a quick rundown of the kind of service you’ll get with a Lockbusters Pro vs. a Shadesmith Joe Shmoe.

Straight up highway robbery vs. flat-rate, posted, guaranteed low prices.

  • Some locksmiths will quote you a price that sounds okay over the phone— then when they show up, tell you that’s the base price they charge... just to show up. Actually doing something is extra.
  • We publicly post our prices on our website, and that’s what you pay. Promise.

Deliberate breakage vs. damage control.

  • Yup, we’ve heard way too many stories about shadesmiths who will purposely smash, drill through, or yank out a perfectly functioning lock so they can charge you for a new one.
  • Lockbusters technicians bend over backwards (sometimes literally, for those awkwardly placed locks!) not to damage the mechanics that are working. Almost always, we can fix the problem without replacing the whole or even part of the lock.

Puppies vs. bait & switch.

Wait, what?

  • Other dudes will lure you with one price and promised service and then clobber you with another.
  • With Lockbusters, should you decide to give us more than the always flat rate, guaranteed price we quote you, we’ll donate that gratuity back to charity and local, community causes.

No one says it better than customer Mina in her Yelp review:

Mina A., 9/24/11
“Don't call another locksmith. Save yourself the stress. I was locked out of my apartment earlier tonight. Luckily, I had my phone on me, so I frantically googled "24-hour locksmith" and called the first shady company that popped up. They quoted me at a $14 service fee + $55 to get me in my apartment and they said they'd be here within 15-20 minutes. Sounded great. As I waited in my dingy hallway, I started to do some research on yelp. I saw the reviews for Lockbusters and instantly regretted making that first phone call. But the shadesmiths were already on their way and I still had faith that these guys would make good on their promise.

About 30 minutes later, the shady locksmith shows up, takes a quick look at my lock and says, ‘that's going to be $189, plus $14 for the service charge.’ ‘But I was quoted a different rate!’ I exclaimed. In response to his lack of shock and utter disbelief, I took out my phone and dialed Lockbusters (while the shadesmith stood there glaring at me). Jay answered, said he'd be here in 20 (he was here in 10), and gave me a flat rate quote that I could count on. Another bonus— they accept credit cards, so I didn't have to schlep to the ATM at 1 a.m.

So, I told the shady locksmith that I wouldn't be needing his services after all and his response was, ‘well, you still owe me a $14 service fee.’ When I reminded him that any money that I might have was still locked in my apartment, he told me he'd wait down the block for me, and then he said, ‘trust me, when these guys show up they're gonna tell you they gotta drill the lock off and charge you $180, and then you can call me and we'll do it for $130.’ No, buddy. That's YOUR scam.

And, oh, the most important part: Jay showed up sooner than promised, was able to get me back into my apartment in about a minute (with no drilling!), and charged me the exact price I was quoted over the phone. Imagine that!”

— The Lockbusters Team

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